Rio Olympics: Events and Ceremonies

Rio de Janerio is host to the Summer Olympics 2016. Ever since she has been honored with the title, Rio has been decking up in preparation for the prestigious event. The logo is ready, so are the mascots and the schedule for the events are on the Rio Olympics official website as well. So if […]

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India: The Land which opens up a world of Architectural Wonders

From the North to the southernmost tip of India and from the Far East to the arid West, India is a land of architectural wonders. India’s architecture is a testimony of the glorious periods of its history, its culture and religious influences on the land. Each style of architecture represents a different era of rulers […]

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Mcleodganj: The heart of Himachal Pradesh and so much more

India has its pride sitting right on top of it with the Himalayas playing the most beautiful nature tune to its best. Himalayas gives India the right to beauty, comfort, serenity and joy. Hill Stations are everyone’s love and with varied hill stations stretching across the Himalayan range travelers are never out of their choices. […]

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AmarnathYatra – The purest journey of them all!

India is known for its cultural and religious diversity through the ages. It is a secular country were people of different customs and beliefs stay together harmoniously. Of all the religions, Hinduism is the most prevalent religion. There are many Hindu gods and there exists various groups who have instilled their faith in one of […]

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RathaYatra Celebration – an Experience of a Lifetime!

India is a country full of customs and known for its rich culture and heritage. It is a country that boasts of royal eras and traditional flamboyance. It has too many customs to keep a count of and each one of the custom is equally important to every person celebrating it. There are various religions […]

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