Charismatic Darjeeling – its enigma is indeed infectious!

Nature is healing. Nature is soothing. Nature relieves you of your pain. It brings in fresh thoughts and rejuvenates you. It helps reflect on the triviality of your life and your existence in this universe. You need a quick break to connect with yourself and Nature to continue with the regular affairs of life. A […]

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The moment when Sai Baba set his foot down on the haloed ground of a small town in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra was about to go down in history as the moment when Shirdi was born. It is here that the righteous saint preached his doctrine of ‘Sabka Maalik Ek’ or ‘One God for All.’ No […]

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Foodie destinations of India

Bring alive the food lover in you on a visit to the Foodie destinations of India In India, we have the most diverse variety of spices and flavors. Food ranging from the spiciest to the sweetest that is the essence of India. If you ever happen to visit any of these cities in India, make […]

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Buddhism and You: Bhutan

Buddhism is considered the fourth largest religion in the world, with almost 6 percentage of the total world’s population following this religion. Bhutan happens to be the fourth country with the largest number of people adhering to the religion of Buddhism. Therefore, you can expect it to have an incredibly rich and interesting history of […]

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History and Party: Goa

Goa, for a really long time, has had a reputation of being the party destination in India. It’s true, of course, no one can deny it. If you are looking to have the time of your life, Goa is the place to be in India, especially during the month of December and the time of […]

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