Shimla Summer festival – a treat to every visitor!

Holidays are what we look forward to every summer especially if you are living in the plains. The hills are our favorite destinations to escape the extreme and ever rising heat of the plains. India is a home to a number of beautiful hill stations. The Himalayan and shivalik ranges cradle a number of spectacular […]

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Save yourself from the blazing sun by taking a quick trip to these places neighbouring Chandigarh!

Holidays are a time for fun, relaxation and rejuvenation. It helps you to keep your mind fresh and give yourself a welcome change. It helps you bring yourself closer to yourself and connect with close ones too. Often we do not get a lot of time off our busy schedules to spend on holidays. Therefore, […]

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Global Celebrations: Festivals in the Month of June

If you live anywhere in the tropical or the temperate regions of the world, chances are that you will love the month of June, not just because of the less warm climate and the rains that bring relief from the stifling heat, but also because of the myriad of festivals and happy occasions that it […]

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Budget Hotels in India – helping you travel more lavishly!

This decade has gone through some major changes in the way we lead our lives. Our fast paced life often leaves us breathless and makes us want to take some time off our daily monotonous life and spend time with our loved ones or sometimes just get a bit of quality me time. These situations […]

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Use a quick holiday to know more about the pretty places surrounding Kolkata!

Often and unexpectedly to our great surprise, we manage to get time off our busy schedules. On lucky occasions, it happens that our loved ones are free too and that definitely calls for a holiday. These holidays help us get some fresh air and rejuvenate so that we can continue with the mundane of our […]

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