The Coorg or Kodagu in Karnataka with an area of just 4,102 square kilometers exemplify the fact that great things come in small packages. It was first put on the map by the British who famously named it the “Scotland of India.” If it’s natural beauty was not enough, the world flocks to this small district in hopes of tasting the popular local cuisine. And oh, did we forget to mention the coffee in Coorg? Heaven in a cup!

Tourist attractions you must visit when in Coorg:


1.      Iruppu Falls


The Iruppu Falls are a sensation amongst the tourists and the locals alike. A walk through the dense forests near Wayanad would bring you to the steep steps which lead to the waterfall. Just a few moments under the cool, refreshing water is enough to chase away all your worries.

2.      Namdroling Monastery


Just a bike ride away from Mysore, a trip to this place is akin to time travel to a different century. Filled with generations of Tibetans who had fled their land in 1954, the monastery keeps buzzing with a host of vibrant colours and thrilling sound sensations but roots you firmly in the ground of tranquillity.

3.      Dubare Elephant Camp


This is absolutely a dream come true if you have always been intrigued by the species of the gentle giants. By availing a ferry ride you would be able to reach the elephant camp, and once there you can see the majestic creatures taking baths, touch and feed them. If you want to live like a raja just for a few moments, be sure to ask for an elephant ride before 5pm, the camp’s closing time for the day.

4.Raja’s Seat


If you love an epic view, this place right in the midst of Madikeri Town is the place to be! Your kids can ride the toy train while you and your partner can spend the evening watching the sunset and enjoying the musical fountain in the park which affords a brilliant play of lights.

The local delicacies you have to try when in Coorg:


1.Bamboo Shoot Curry

Lucky enough to visit Coorg in the rainy season? Don’t forget to sample the spicy concoction of the Bamboo shoot curry.

2.Pork Curry and Kadumbuttu

 Coorg knows to celebrate pork and how! Pair the pork curry, popularly known as the Pandhi curry with rice dumplings or Kadambuttu and don’t be surprised if you have to skip dinner!

3.The Beverages

Coffee plantation once made Coorg one of the richest districts of India and tourists like yourself can go there even now to observe the precise methods through which the coffee beans are harvested and how steal a sip now and then. Wine is considered mandatory in all social gatherings. Drink up while you can!

Coorg is not only a food lover’s paradise but also a popular tourist spot in India. If you miss out on this one, you would always know that your quest for knowing the soul of India remains incomplete.