Bangalore is the city of rush, lovely weather and big time chilling. The IT capital of India or the Bangalore city is known for its IT industry, the greenery, the pleasant climate round the year and of course the lifestyle. Bangalore has brought the French lifestyle in India and has been an influence of major world changes for India. It is the hub centre bringing the best of technologies and attractions from the world right to us. Bangalore is the most developed and smart city down south. It has brought a revolutionary change in Indian mindset and so the generation Y is always keen on inclined to settle here. With its diverse range of getaways and the list of pubs and lounges, restaurants and state of the art party places, Bangalore is the Generation Y city!


Generation Y or as we call the next generation people have big dreams and even bigger plans to work on them. Each of them having a goal to settle in a place that gives the best for their services and a world class lifestyle. Well Bangalore gets most of their needs sorted. Bangalore has been holding to its night life, the pub culture, the beer hub title since years now and has been the centre of its attraction. It is said that the Beer culture in India started with Bangalore and spread across the country. With the most number of pubs and discotheques, lounges and dining areas, Bangalore has a lifestyle that has still not made home in India.


When you are travelling to Bangalore, it is pretty much like you are traveling a few years ahead of India. Working at odd hours, partying till the next morning, earning good money and value for your service, a fast progressing lively career and the life in the thoughts of people keeps the generation Y excited about this city. It has been the hall of fame amongst the metro cities in India for its adoption of foreign living style and development. Bangalore also has the biggest settlement of foreigners in India specially the British and the Spanish people and that brings about a little Spanish touch to the city. Generation Y finds their own foreign countries in the city situated in India and that is why Bangalore has been the young people’s favorite.


In a country where the ideologies and mindsets are the biggest barrier and no matter how much you progress, the holding back of the typical old world thoughts has not gone from many places. In major metro cities it is prominent to still find cautiousness of girls to roam on the road, the eve teasing and even not coming out of the house at odd hours but Bangalore has managed to break a lot of barriers and come upfront about the development in life and mindsets. Bangalore redefines the modern lifestyle and has brought unique changes in people’s mindset too. Bangalore has been the trendsetter in India with regards to giving the young generation a new platform to think broadly and choose and create a younger, smarter, free of mind India.