Hill Stations in India

India has always fascinated millions from all around the world, from quite a long time. With the Country, India, full of many lovely places for the enjoyment, we have identified some of the Hill Stations for the ultimate experience of your life.


Nainital, being the most famous among all lovers of Hill stations, it will be a surprise if someone doesn’t know about it. Located in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand, the place is the display of exquisite beauty and freshness.


Famous among quite a large number of Tourists, the place is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. The place, Shimla is quite famous for the ethic beauty and a perfect place for the display of the wonderful architectural exhibition.


Yet another place of the same region of North India, Kullu is famously called as ‘Valley of Gods’. With several mystical stories attached to this Hill Station, the place is just the perfect set up for the lovely vacations all around the year. The magnificent view of Himalayas fills the entire Hill Station with the everlasting pleasure and a feel of the heaven.


How can word ‘Kullu’ gets completed without ‘Manali’. You will hear the word ‘Kullu Manali’ from almost all the Indians, denotes the inseparable attachment of these two Hill Stations. With the Manali and Kullu, both regarded as the Twin Sisters, almost all tourists have the visit to these places while they are on a trip to the Hill Stations during their vacations.


Located amidst in the place of Uttrakhand, the Hill Station of Mussoorie, is just another beautiful addition to the list. The place also known as the ‘Queen of Hills’ is so alluring that even Ruskin Bond, can’t escape it. In few words, Mussoorie can be described as the place of immense beauty with luring Hills and splendid backdrop.

From a long list of the Hill Stations in India, just sorting out top five is indeed, a hard task and quite painful to exclude many others of the same level.

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